Susan Sutherland and Dancing On The Way Home

“Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you so you can become the you who you were meant to be in the first place.” (unknown)

Do you ever wonder how you got here? How so many days, months, years slipped by as you did your life? Usually, we acknowledge that life has a way of sweeping us along…and promptly get back to doing and being as we are. How, then, do we live an intentional, creative, contributive, pleasurable, spirited and love-filled life? For me, turning 55 and feeling burnt out after 28 years as a corporate executive, the choice is to embark on a journey, not knowing the exact destination, but recognizing that I only have now to live the life I am beginning to imagine, and to discover more fully who I am.  My choice was inspired by a deep need for rest, as well as a profound restlessness.

This blog is about the “gap year” (or more) that I’ll take away from work, looking inward for insight and inspiration, and outward for adventure and stimulation starting January 2016.

My intention in writing is both personal and public.  I want to explore what I observe and think and feel, by writing.  I have always loved words and their potential to move me. For others, my blog may be a fun way to follow my journey, a sort of travelogue, or it may be more (I hope it will be more), a source of reference and maybe even inspiration as each of us grapples with our own authentic evolution.

Why “Dancing On The Way Home”? Dancing has always been joyful for me, and I see this journey as a way back to parts of myself I may have forgotten, may have overlain with my corporate or community – my good girl – persona…  So I’m headed home, dancing all the way.

Join me in DancingOnTheWayHome by clicking the “follow” button. And thanks for reading. Send me an email at DancingOnTheWayHome AT gmail dot com; I’d love to hear from you.

IMG_0566    Susan Sutherland

copyright (C) 2016 Susan Sutherland, All rights reserved.


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