Mt. Ranier ~ Mt. Tahoma

Over the last few days, I have been obsessed with following, via live video cam, a pair of Bald eagles nesting in the National Arboretum in the District of Columbia. Check them out here: The pair, named Mr. President and The First Lady, are nesting on two eggs, one of which has been pipping (breaking out of its shell) since yesterday evening.

The eagle cam, brought to us by the American Eagle Foundation, is remarkable: high definition video captures the birds in the nest from two angles, and infrared light ensures we can watch at all hours. Of course it is the birds that are most remarkable. Two Bald eagles are nesting together for the second time in the same very large nest. The female has had primary responsibility for roosting on the eggs. This afternoon, the male joined her in at the edge of the nest: he brought a fish for her consumption. She pecked at it a bit. The camera zoomed in on the eggs, focusing on the one that had begun to pip. Then the male flew away, and the female settled back on the eggs. Later, she stood up, and took to eating the fish with great commitment. The eggs, again, came into view: a small beak was visible in the opening in the eggshell.

I’m not working right now, and I rarely have more than one firm time commitment per day as David and I visit with friends and relatives on our travel back to San Francisco. But some days still feel full and a little compressed. Today, I woke up late to a bright and clear morning, wrote my morning pages, and realized that I had the expanse of the day to myself. I find myself wanting to hold on to that feeling: the spaciousness and sense of possibility. It is a wide open feeling that, ironically, I want to contain, to cherish, and to relish. I’d like to settle in to the feeling, nest with it and keep it at the ready for whenever I need it. It is, however, like time, best when used with intention.

We are staying in the Madrona neighborhood of Seattle, and within a few blocks east of the house there are incredible views and a path down to Lake Washington. I wanted to be out in the cool sunny day, and to move my body, so I walked down to the lakefront, reluctantly leaving the eagle cam. As I had a few days before when I joined our friend Jana for Zumba, I felt my energy rise as I moved, relishing the energy and the movement of my body. I listened to James Taylor (Beyond This World) and sang along, smiled at other walkers, and flirted with dogs as I passed. As I walked the lakefront, I enjoyed a 180 degree view across the lake to the snow covered mountains: Mt. Baker to the north, east to Bellevue and beyond, and Mt. Ranier (aka Mt. Tahoma) to the south.

I returned home a little sweaty and happy, and immediately began watching the Bald eagles again. I am surprised by what makes me feel at home and grounded, and expansive and elated at the same time. Today was a day I felt completely at ease and energetic, engaged in watching the nesting Bald eagles while feeling buoyed and enticed by the spring air and open sky.


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2 thoughts on “Nesting

  1. Thank you for Mr. president and First Lady site. May the kids hatch and live a soaring eagle life. Your walk sounds wonderful. May the feeling last you forever. A big hug from Florence


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